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Application of Conveyor Belt Application ACI Converter in Snap Sushi/Rotary Hot Pot

Application of ACI Frequency Converter in Rotary Sushi/Rotary Hot Pot
At first glance, the sushi felt that the invention was a strange combination of Japanese traditional culture and mechanical culture: the dinner table became a large-scale machine, and various kinds of sushi were placed on plates representing different prices and rotated on the conveyor belt line.

Is it because this is to save the waiters, or to make the sushi production as efficient as the production line? The Japanese invention is too arduous? The process of starting to eat sushi only realizes that the usefulness of this invention is not only these. Its greatest advantage is promotion, and the key to promotion is the novelty of food display. Whether it's a photo of a recipe or a sample or model of a store, the display effect is not as vivid and continuous as the sushi. Swift sushi is a direct-to-use food that is easier and more convenient than regular buffets. Diners can continue to receive direct stimulation and continue to consume. Food display is field-based, with the tightest integration with the consumer process, and the cost of the user's purchase decision is the lowest. I can't imagine a more effective display than this! In the whole process of eating sushi, rotating food conveyor belts are an important part of ensuring the vividness and sustainability of foods. When customers are used for a long time, many foods are taken, the speed of food delivery should be slightly faster, and when customers are few, foods are used less frequently. Food delivery can be slightly slower.
Guangzhou Afco Acre Inverter has the advantages of wide speed range, high precision, stable start-up, miniaturization, low noise, long service life, etc. It has been widely used in rotary sushi conveyor belts, rotary hot pot conveyor belts and other catering industry conveyor equipment.

ACI converter after the transformation of the effect:
1. Smooth start, smooth parking, prevent food from falling
2. Can achieve stepless speed regulation, wide speed range, according to the number of people properly adjust the speed of the conveyor belt
3. More protective function for the motor
4. Save energy, saving more than 50% energy

5. Positive and negative reversal, easy to switch

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